One of us is going home and one of us is staying in Italy. I think you know which is which!!

We decided to spend our final night in Rome at the Golden Tulip, about10 minutes from the airport. We’ve stayed here many times before and have watched it evolve from Hotel Club Isola Sacra with a dinky lobby to an upscale, chic Italian hotel. I personally was pleased the last two times we were there to be “in their system,” and this time even recognized by our waiter, Luigi.


Artwork adorns the walls and pedestaled sculptures add a distinctive Italian flair to the lobbies.





The restaurant is outstanding and the breakfast sumptuous.


Hey, they’re not paying me to write this, but for those of you who always ask where we stay, this is it!! Golden Tulip Fiumicino

I suggest you book the superior room. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s my view from our balcony:


Don left on the 9 am shuttle. I stayed until check -out time at 12 and took a special shuttle.

And then it was time to wait, and wait. I knitted, I cleaned out my inbox, I cleaned out photos, I paced the arrivals terminal. I was waiting for. . .


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