Taking on a Second Job


The sun shone beautifully for our second day at school.


Class is going well for each of us, with lots of new vocabulary, verb forms, music, and some “Italianisms” thrown in to help us sound Italian!

Today was our long-awaited lunch at Gattavecchi which we planned months ago as a “must-do” on this return trip. We ate there together last year, I had a cooking class, and also returned multiple times by myself for lunch, for the view, and for their free wi-fi!!

I literally bumped into Jonathan, the owner as he was coming out of the bathroom and I was going in. Nice, huh. . .a bathroom bump. Anyhow, we chatted, and I told him that Telma and Luisa would be coming tomorrow evening for a cooking class with his wife Lillian, one of my FB friends!!

The vino Nobile Riserva was wonderful, as was the fresh mushroom sauce served over pasta made with vino Nobile. Che bella!!


A large group of Russian tourists took up nearly the entire second floor, and it was fun to hear jonathon explain the wine in Italian and then have his words translated into Russian.

After our sumptuous lunch, we were in the mood to shop, so off we went to some of our favorite stores. Mimi and Coco’s is a vey sweet shop with beautiful and unusual handmade items.



Suits her perfectly, wouldn’t you say??!!

After a few more stops we worked our way down the hill, back to the car, and set off for Pienza.

Yes, it’s Tuscany and postcard beautiful!

New addition to Pienza. If we’d known, we could have invited her on our spa day!


WIth some cheese, porchetta, salami, and bread in hand, we headed home across the now-dark countryside, hoping no cinghiale, wild boars , would cross our path.

Compiti, homework, is finished, and now it’s time for a few small bites, some Internet surfing, some studying, and then bed. Telma remarked that this is starting to feel like a “job”.. . .out the door at 7:45 am, busy all day, coming home after dark.

Hey, if this is a job, I’ll sign up for life!!

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