Brunello and Bare Feet


Both In the same day!! A first stop in Montalcino to browse the streets and enjoy the market.


At Lillian’s the other night Telma asked about the diffence between a castgna and a marrone. One is smaller and sweeter, one is browner and larger. We saw a great example today:


After a coffee and juice break, we were ready to climb to the fortress for tasting Brunellos, some of the most famous wine in the world that’s produced in Montalcino. With Telma, the expert, and Luisa, the newbie, we were thrilled to be in the capable hands of Tamas, who presented us with nine tastings. He based his choices on Telma’s knowledge and his own instincts.

I am happy to report that I am no longer new to Brunello. But Telma is the connoisseur and made a tidy haul.


Two favorites of mine were:



After that most wonderful event, we congratulated ourselves and set off for Bagno Vignoni, home of natural mineral waters. I read about this town six years ago before our first trip to Italy but never managed to get here. We barely could find a parking spot today, but were not deterred. With beautiful temperatures on November 1, it seemed that everyone had the same idea to be outdoors. We found what had to be one of the last remaining parking spots.

The amazing “piazza” is a giant pool of thermal water, bubbling up from an underground acquifer. We walked further along to discover the streams finding their way downhill to waterfalls and pools.


Telma and Luisa had no choice but to plunk their Brunello-tasting toes in the water.


By now we were ready for a little sumpin’, and found the last available table at La Loggiata, a little outdoor cafe. How Tuscan was my bowl of ribollita. . .


Back at home now, packed, and ready to go to Rome tomorrow. Arriverderci Toscana!

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