Come Funziona? Or. How does it work?


As we pulled in to get gas, the first question was, “Which side of the car is the gas tank on?” OK. . .my side.

Next question, “How do we get it open ?” Pulling on the door didn’t seem to work, and we could find no lever inside. A nice young man crawled around inside the car to find it, then shrugged his shoulders. “I got it,” called Telma. A push on just the right place and it opened up, sort of like Ali Baba’s cave.

But how do we pay for it? It’s a 24 hour place with no attendant.


It accepted bank cards only, so on a wing and a prayer I stuck in a €50 note. Lights, camera, action. . .we were ready to pump!



With a full tank and a song in our hearts, we headed for Montalcino on this beautiful All Saints’ Day.

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