We Did It Again!


Telma and Luisa have completed another course at il Sasso! It was a great week. . .4 days only because of All Saints Day holiday. . . .filled with condizionale, pronomi, vocabulario, congiuntivo, and conversazione. Are we ready to do it again?? You betcha!!

Our teaches are great and they need the occasional break from those of us who stumble and fumble with La Bella Lingua.


Sara, on the right, will be offering Skype lessons beginning in December. So if you’re a wannabe Italian I can put you in touch with her. She’s a fabulous teacher!

Afte our last class we went off to another one of they well-known restaurants in Montepulciano,


It’s a bustling Tuscan spot, close tables, excellent food. Folks drive for hours to get here, and by the time we left there was a line outside.


Telma was happy and well-satisfied after her meal and wine. . .


Then it was time for some goofy fun in the piazza. We were greeted by new statuary.



Fun for me took another turn when we returned to our favorite ceramics shop owned by Giovanni, near the Duomo.


At the bottom of the stairs we thought we were looking at an Etruscan tomb, but it was actually an ancient kiln for a bell.


I was taken by some turquoise pieces that will find their way into our new home. No, I didn’t buy ALL of them! But I did alert Don to watch for a rather large and heavy shipment!!


So, with some sadness but anticipation to return di nuovo, again, we say farewell to il Sasso and Montepulciano. But to paraphrase some infamous words, We’ll be back!!


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