Roma. . .Incantata!


Our final jaunt took us to The Eternal City. Don and I “slept” (as the Italians would say) in Rome for 3days a few years ago, with the accompanying tourist goals and google-eyes. This was different. The hours stretched in front of us with no particular plan and a feeling of lots of time to wander. The rain was behind us in Toscana.

It’s good to be a tourist sometimes and take the tourist shots. I tried not to miss any opportunity!

First stop, the Victor Emmanuel monument, more commonly called the Wedding Cake monument. Made of white marble, it sits atop a high hill and is visible from many parts of Rome. Controversy surrounded its construction, as it took a large chunk of a medieval neighborhood as its footprint. The white marble was also thought to be a bit garish compared to the worn brown of many of the surrounding buildings.


But for Telma e Luisa it was the first of our photo ops of the day.


Il Fiume affollata di gente , a crowded river of people, thronged the streets of Rome, the trattorias, the attractions. We made our way to the Pantheon along with the crowds. . . .




. . .then wandered on to Piazza Navona, filled with artists and street performers.




With tummies growling, we decided to use Rick ‘s guide to find one of the “best restaurants in Italy.” A quick look through Campo di Fiore didn’t reveal any of the best, so our feet took us back toward the pantheon, along the way discovering two much-needed items. . A car charger for Telma’s GPS. . .and a delightful tassel shop.




Did you not know that tassels trump tummies?!

Close by we reached our goal:


Caught between pranzo and la cena, we nonetheless knew we wouldn’t go hungry. The restaurant was brightly modern and simple, and at this in-between time, it’s only patrons. We both agreed the food was good, but not what we’d consider among the best we’d had. But, hey, the rain had now caught up to us and we drank prosecco as we heard it splashing on the cobblestones.


I had never been to the Spanish Steps, so we soldiered onward, despite the rain. Where were the umbrellas?? In our suitcases, of course.



Now thoroughly soaked, we did what any sensible women would do. . . We went to la galleria, the mall, and had a drink.


With the rain now a memory, the Roman streets glistened as we linked arms Italian-Signora style and enjoyed our stroll back to the hotel shuttle. Le castagne roasted on the street corner drew us nearer with their earthy toasted aroma.



With hearts and tummies full, our coach returned us safely to the Hilton airport hotel. All too soon the next morning it was time to say arriverderci to Telma.

Telma e Luisa have coined our tag line. . . SEMPRE PRONTE. . . ALWAYS READY. . ..for more adventures, fun, food, wine. . .and whatever the Universe serves up!


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