It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


If you’ve been to England you know the saying, ” if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” ,with a sunny day on monday we knew we’d better get out and enjoy it because it would likely go into hiding at any moment.


Sally and Chris’s new home in Winscomb houses our reunion. The lovely garden and apiary nestles the house on three sides.



What better way to start off our week than a jaunt around the Somerset countryside. First stop, Street, with its outlet mall. Me, saying, “I’m not buying one more thing because I can’t carry anything else ‘” made the first purchase of the day! But how can you pass up Clark’s in a wide width, your size,and “big girl”shoes!


At Jaeger both Sally and Johanna decided a coat would be in their future.

“It’s called a FUNNEL collar, Chris.”

“Sally, try the red one. It will make you sparkle.”

“This one is a better cut for you, Sal.”

“Work it, girl!” (The final choice)

“Johanna, try the red one. It will make you sparkle! ”

“The stripes suit you perfectly and it’s wool to keep you warm.” Sold!

The it was off to Glastonbury, where once upon a lifetime ago Don and I brought my parents to buy sheepskin coats. My dad had gotten an Amex card just for that purchase. After he and my mom chose their long-awaited and much-saved-for coats, he was shocked to learn the shop did not accept Amex. He nearly had a stroke. But the kindly shopowner gave them the English cure-all, a strong cuppa, and hurried off to the hotel to put the coat purchase on THEIR account and worked it out from there.

Today we walked past the Glastonbury thorn, which legend has it that when Joseph of Aramathea arrived in Britain he thrust his staff into the ground, and rested. By morning, his staff had taken root – leaving a strange oriental thorn bush – the sacred Glastonbury Thorn.

The thorn tree was vandalized two years ago, but a cutting from the original has now taken root. Sally said that on Christmas Day a cutting is taken to the Queen.



Fish and chips or a Ploughmans lunch was on our agenda, so with two pubs closed for unknown reasons, we made our way to a fish shop. Bynnowmthe weather was sunny but chilly, and we cozied up to the coal stove.


Johanna was tickled to learn that their fish came from Iceland. I had the largest piece of haddock I’ve ever seen in a fish’n’chips shop. And of course, a beer.


Onward now to the soaring and magnificent Wells Cathedral. I don’t think we ever are here suing our Bristol year, because I surely would have remembered its magnificence.


I can honestly say. . . There is nothing in the world to compare to English cathedrals. Wells is one of the most beautiful.


No photos are allowed inside, but you can see it here.

We marveled at a simple and striking exhibition to remember the fallen victims of Afghanistan. . . Over 1400 porcelain cups, each made of 300 grams of clay, the weight of the human heart. It was the first day of the exhibit,and we were blessed to be among the first to see it.

Outside the sheer size of the ancient structure amazed us, as we walked to the Vicar’s Close to see buildings from 1363.



After a final look at the cathedral, we headed back home to the warmth of Sally and Chris’s kitchen, a proper cuppa, and a solid English meal! Thanks for a great day!


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