What I Know for Sure. . .


I’ve learned one or two things about me as a mature, seasoned traveller.

1. It’s wonderful to have a day of exploring, seeing new places, being on the go,
2. It’s not to be repeated the next day.

A day off was in order today. And that meant. . .leisurely cuppa in the morning, no real schedule, and a day at home.

A midday trip to the grocery store was in order because Johanna and I are in charge of dinner the next two nights. Like Telma, a day out in a foreign grocery store is enough of a field trip for me! I discovered lovely English things like salad cream, individual Christmas puddings, and long beans. But they’ve not found their way into my suitcase!

Instead, our mission was provisions for lasagne, salad, chicken Marsala, and the accompanying vege, antipasti, ecc.


We did well. . .


Later in the afternoon another old, dear friend, Dave Ramsay, arrived. He’s been our friend and fun hair guy since 1976. He gave Ben his first haircut. He and partner Jayne met us in Italy a few years ago at La Tavola Marche. He and Don share affectionate names, like “old sot,” “wanker,” and others equally as x-rated.

Today he was here to catch up on news, and cut my hair, thankfully.


OK, Mrs. Weinberger, it’s time to remove your blouse. Oh, how did THAT get in this post??!!


A pub meal seemed in order so off we went (after I inadvertently took Casper’s car key and caused anarchy and a Harvey family meltdown!). How wondrous to be able to walk to and from the village and the pub. So very English.


My lamb pie was enormous! Must have been a big lamb. . .


Beside the pub I discovered Pearl and Rosina’s big brother, a real handsome fella.



Old friends, old cars, old pubs. . .a great day for sure!


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