A Gentle Week, or. . .A Non-Wow


Traveling and new experiences elicit a range of emotional responses in me. Awe, glee, surprise, and gratitude come to mind. Many times it’s just an amazed WOW!

This week wasn’t a wow.

It was long, long cups of tea. . .

. . . While we discussed our families. . .the joys, sorrows, regrets, worries, hopes, dreams, and remembrances.

It was poring over the Bristol map as we made plans to try to find our way in a place we used to call home.


It was meeting Johanna’s granddaughters, whose dad Kristjan came to Bristol when he was 14 to live with Johanna while she was a student like us. Their presence in England urged our reunion forward.


It was walking to the village to buy endless bottles of wine, shopping in charity stores, sharing iPad knowledge, sleeping until outrageous hours, looking at pictures, and remembering all the things we’ve wanted to ask each other that we’ve saved up for just this time.

No, it wasn’t a wow. It was soul-satisfying, want more of that, when’s the next reunion.

I think it was. . . Love.


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  1. That sounds like a perfect way to spend a week. I am happily back in Jamestown with Joe and Stella, who were both extremely happy to see me. A lot of tail wagging going on here. Safe travels back home and drop me a note when you get there. xoxoxo T

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