The Grand Hotel Plaza, Montecatini Terme


imageSituated right on the Piazza del Popolo is the Grand Hotel, favorite haunt of Giuseppe Verdi.


It’s a place of patina and age.  Nothing glitzy here.  Instead, you get wide open lobbies, tiled hallways, and real wood furniture.

When we arrived I asked for a room on the piazza, and that’s what we’d already been assigned.


Weve enjoyed some wonderful views, and by just opening the large windows, we hear the vibe of the piazza below.  In fact, right now I’m hearing Christmas carols and the hum of families doing what they do best here. . strolling, chatting, enjoying the evening.


Our first night we were so exhausted we didn’t mind the softer-than-squishy mattresses on the beds, but we knew it wouldn’t do our backs any favors if we slept on them for five nights.

Looked good but we sank Into the middle of each .

Looked good but we sank Into the middle of each .

When the desk clerk asked Don the next morning how he slept, he told her the mattress was very soft.  Here response, “we’ll do something about that.”  When we returned later that day we had completely brand new mattresses, remade into an Italian “matrimonial” bed.

New, firm, and veery comfortable!

New, firm, and veery comfortable!

Now I ask you, when have you ever gotten a brand new bed in a hotel just by asking!

But back to that lovely vibe down below.  Last night by 1 am the vibe was blaring from a bar across the way, so Don got up, got dressed, and went downstairs. Fearing an international incident, I cowered under the covers.  Turns out the bar was supposed to be quiet by midnight, but elected instead to turn up the volume for the four customers inside so that all of Montecatini could hear it.  The manager took care of that situation, yet throughout the night there was intermittent noise down below.  Then this morning there was the sweet little girl who enjoyed running up and down the tiled hall and knocking on everyone’s door.  And of course, being Sunday, the church bells chimed beginning at 8:15.

Yes, it’s a holiday weekend here, so families are out making merry.  This Grand abode is filled with delights. . Some noisy, some young, some old, and it’s all part of the Italian experience.

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  1. That seems to be a very good hotel choice for Montecatini. Even with the noise from below, it lends itself more to being an “experience” rather than just a place to sleep. Nice to have a bed for “grown ups” too!

    I am in full on chef mode here–dinner party tonight Italian style! We are having antipasti misti with prosecco, tortellini in brodo, then braised lamb shanks with brunello. The lamb is in The oven and the whole house smells like a Tuscan Nonna’s cucina.

    We’re thinking about you. Have fun!!

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