Evaluate and Adjust, Italian style


Three full days of exploring bits of western Tuscany is certainly not enough and way too short.  But we knew that before we booked this aborto fly’n’drive.  Late last night we discussed options and decided to leave Montecatini this afternoon, a day darle, so that we could settle into the hotel near the airport, then spend a long day tomorrow in Milan, a city we’ve never experienced.  But before we left our thermal spa town, we thought it best to immerse ourselves in some of the famous healing waters.  Off we went to Termale Redi.

imageNow I was thinking we’d have an experience like T and I have had at Fonteverde. . . An assortment of healing aqua jets, waterfalls, and pools, accompanied with lush towels, robes, slippers and the like.  Well, we did have two jets and warm mineral rich waters, but that’s about all.  The attendants managed to scrounge up two towels for us and we were given the requisite bathing caps.   However, we enjoyed a leisurely hour of immersion before we pulled ourselves out.  Walking back to our hotel we stopped in a small shop for two sandwiches “da sporta” to go for our 3.5 hour trip to Milan.

Not too much to report from the trip, although I will say that it was relatively effortless.  However, I wasn’t doing the driving!  We passed through the final edges of Toscana, into Liguria, through Piemonte, and then into Lombardia.  I managed to catch a good photo of the Carrara marble mountains. ..

imageSo today we said “arriverderci” to The Grand Hotel of Giuseppe Verde, and we’ve checked into an IKEA-clad traveler hotel right off the motorway.  Domani .. Milano.image

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