Gearing Up!!

Gearing Up!!

It’s been a winter.  I’ve ping-ponged back and forth between beautiful Beaufort, SC, New York, the Caribbean, and Pennsylvania.  I’ve woken up not knowing which bed I’m in. . .really!!  We’ve welcomed our new beautiful grand baby Theodore, made a non-decision to sell/not sell the house in Beaufort, and continued to enhance and enjoy our new home at 1270.

But now we know where we’re going.  Me and my morning cappuccino are putting the finishing touches on our trip to . . . . 


I fly off to meet Telma next Tuesday.  We’ll enjoy four wonder-filled days at her Clocktower Cottage in Duras, south of Bordeaux.  When she leaves, Don will arrive.  My plan is to write a blog each day to keep up with the adventures in wine, food, chateaux, and unexpected moments .  

You can follow this blog by filling in your email address in the bottom right- hand corner, or just watch for the posts which I hope will be linked to Facebook .  Bon voyage!!

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