St. Emilion. . .and more


Today’s adventures take Thelme and Louise to St. Emilion, about 40 minutes from Duras.  Classified as a UNESCO site, it’s the home of some mighty fine Bordeaux wines, notably those that are primarily Merlot grapes blended with Cabernet franc or Cabernet Sauvignon.  But first, let’s talk food.

It was nearly noon when we arrived, and we were both hungry.  Walking up the cobblestone lane, we came upon a place that Donna and Joe had eaten at in November and she blogged about.  I remember salivating when she described the “hamburger” special she had, and guess what. . .there it was again, now a part of the regular menu!


So follow this. . .savory pieces of duck, perfectly cooked with a pink middle, a slice of foie gras, nestled on a heavenly French bun, with a green peppercorn sauce, surrounded by beautiful Bibb lettuces lightly dressed with a lemon and olive oil dressing.  sound good??!


Add a glass of St. Emilion grand cru and we were two happy girls.

Thusly fortified, we forged onward to explore the town and be pleasantly overwhelmed by wine shop after wine shop.  We made our way to the wine museum and city-run wine shop where Donna asked the perfect question: “What is your best Grand Cru or Grand Cru Classe for under €20?”  She chose two, I chose one, and then I asked my question :  “Can you give me any recommendations for the open chateaux visits on May 1-2?”  

Our sweet French friend lit up and suggested his favorite chateaux for tasting or visiting.


That map is now my prize possession, and in a few weeks Don and I will make good use of it.

Exploring onward we wandered into one shop where the owner shared some wine and we made a few purchases.  (Donna’s looking a lot more relaxed than that Brunello blow-out purchase  a while back!)


A discovery of a Triumph led To photo ops.  



 With the car beginning to get loaded with wine carriers, we decided it was time to head home, but made a few stops along the way for other essentials of life. . .toilet paper, milk , cereal.  Boring but necessary!


But then, in the local chocolate shop, we made one of the best discoveries of the day.  For a mere pittance, Thelme now owns a ~~~~~~~~~~~~~.  Can you guess?  We posted it on Facebook as a mystery.  We know what it is, and it now has A place of honor in the Clocktower Cottage.


All in all, one terrifically great day.  after a lovely dinner of duck sausages and roasted veges, a walk around the castle to see the sunset, we decided it was time to put us and our wine to bed and get ready for tomorrow ‘s adventures.  



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