and the winner is. . .



Yesterday I posted this photo on Facebook with “Guess what this is!”  Answers ranged from trellis to harp to boat rudder to pasta dryer.

Well, it’s a vintage French ( of course ) prune dryer!!  We found it at the local chocolate shop whose owners boast one of the largest plum groves in the area.  One of the shop’s specialties is chocolate covered prunes.

Our cousin, Richie Berman, guessed correctly, and friend Kathy Jo from Beaufort gave it her all and was “googled out” by the end.  I’ll be bringing them both a packet of chocolate covered prunes.

By the way, check out these babies online and look at the prices.  One Kings Cross lists them for $295.  This one cost $15!

Bon jour!  We’re off to the market in Ste. Foy. 

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  1. Sounds like you two are having a great time! I’m thinking Don should consider which part of the “downstairs” in Q-town is going to be the new wine cave….have fun! Hugs, Jean

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