It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


The neighboring towns, that is!  Duras is perfectly situated to explore the sweet villages nearby, so off we went first to the large Saturday market in Ste. Foy.  Let’s take a picture walk ( ok, ok. . .can’t get away from those 35 years of the lingo of teaching young children!) through the market.







The sights, smells, and tastes. . .oh, I want more of this!  It was the perfect place to be on this Saturday morning in France.

We wandered into a sweet shop and discovered a tea room upstairs.  It was the perfect respite for our tired feet and our chilly bones.



Feeling complete with our purchases of strawberries, a new market basket for me, scarves for each of us, olives, gifts,  and assorted purchases, we decided it was time to head to Eymet for lunch.  We took the back roads through gently rolling hills and easy-going scenery.  

I commented that I’m noticing some differences between the geography of this part of France and Italy, and wondered if that’s reflected in their people.  The slopes are more gentle, the vistas and fields greener, the tone of the market more subdued.  The word “refined” comes to me.

In Eymet we explored a few “brocante” (flea market shops) and discovered that many were closed today.  But in one Donna was quite interested in a large hutch that could take up residence in the Clocktower Cottage.  Hmmm. . . We measured and considered.  It might not be quite right, but as the day evolved, we acknowledged that seeing this one primed Donna for what was to come a few hours later. 

in front of us now we’re growling tummies, and it was an easy decision to pop right into a restaurant Donna had previously visited.  With not a moment’s hesitation we each ordered the daily special of “moules e frites”…. Mussels and French fries.  My heart be still.  


This beautiful repast cost under 10€ for the entree and a few more € for a half liter of wine.  Our total bill was 27€.

We also discovered a delicious French mayonnaise with a hint of Dijon to give it a special something.


A stroll along the river (Dordogne, I think)….or was it a canal?  Never mind.  The swans and ducks paddled In it happily.


The drive back to Duras took us only 10 minutes, and we stopped at the Carrefour to do our souvenir shopping. . .mustard, mayonnaise, spices, salt, and yogurt in ceramic cups.  Upon entering the town, I noticed that a shop we’d been curious about “Shabby Chic Boutique” was open, so after we ditched our bags in the cottage, we walked into town to explore.

And here’s where the “find” of the day showed up.  We walked in and immediately spied a hutch that was MADE for the Clocktower Cottage.  By 7 pm that night it was being delivered and set up.



If ever there was a match made in heaven, this is it.  The colors, the size, the style. . . All perfect!


Cocktail hour, dinner, and a walk to the castle to hear “The Wackies” finished off this perfect day.  


Oh, but I forgot to mention a jaunt to our furry friends. . .four donkeys who patiently lined up for apple slices!



So now I’m feeling complete with today’s blog.  It’s our last day together for the French duo Thelme and Louise.  When you’re in the groove with a dear one, time slides by unnoticed.  We’ll have more times together, and “Who knows where or when. . . . . !”


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