A Day in Duras


The town of Duras has everything you need for a happy life. . . A Monday market, some restaurants, wine bars, small supermarket, butcher, two bakeries, friendly people.  After we peeled ourselves out from under the warm covers, we walked the usual 90 seconds to the main part of town for the Monday market.   


Browsing and chatting, we procured gifts, dinner, and a lettuce for 50cents that was as big as my head!


We decided to bring our two pastries home, make a pot of coffee, and sit on the terrace. . . Just because we could.


The sun was finally shining and we set out on our own “Duras Beautification Project.”  On Sunday I bought four flowering perennials with the notion of planting them in the well which is right up the street from the Clocktower Cottage.  







We’re leaving a little mark on a town we’re enjoying!  

To be continued. . . 

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  1. I am thrilled that you planted something in the well! As you know, I meant to do that before I left, but there’s never enough time . . . Duras will remember you fondly.

    • I’m so hoping that the flowers will be here when you return in July. I also left a little surprise for you INSIDE your house. Nothing live or green!

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