Duras has. . .a castle



Less than a five minute walk from the Clocktower Cottage is the Duras castle.  In fact, the town is bookended by these two structures.  I was honestly expecting a 30 minute browse around large empty rooms, and boy, was I ever WRONG!

We bought the audio guide and started off.  This castle was originally built in 1137 on a granite outcropping, and over the years has been owned by many families.  Most recently the town bought it at an auction with renovations finished in 2011.  What an amazing renovation it is and in each room we marveled at interactive exhibits, complete explanations, and bits of humor that made history come alive.


The entire “ox” rotated,  complete with sounds of cooking and food preparation.  The welł was 100 feet deep and you could see all the way to the bottom.

We enjoyed the room that was designated as an “entertainment room,” complete with the explanation that it may have been used as an area for children (because of course the duke and duchess could not ever be disturbed by children) OR perhaps the room was used for “pretend marriage, which was joyfully practiced in Duras!”  Don found the architecture simply amazing and tried out a bunch of the games.

I especially enjoyed the crockery displays and the large tapestry.


The views were spectacular on this magnificent day.  We even climbed up the extremely narrow spiral staircase to the top and were thrilled to see the Clocktower across the village!


Our best view of the day!

From the castle to the  clocktower . . . What a great day in Duras!

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  1. Looks beautiful! How green the fields are! Noticing from your clothes, the weather might be early Spring-like. Over the past two days, Spring has “sprung” here!

    • Temps warmed up today and it stays light until 9 pm. Tomorrow I might get brave and wear short sleeves. Evenings inside a 900 year old structure can be chilly!

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