The Flower Market of Duras


Donna left early on Sunday morning to return to beautiful Beaufort, SC.  My spirits were as grey as the weather, knowing that our much-anticipated and my much-enjoyed adventure with my good friend was at its end. I’ve shared her excitement and joy when she found her heart’s sanctuary in Duras, enjoyed watching and lightly participating in the make-over, and now I experienced it with her first-hand.  So, actually, it’s all good, and we will look forward to more sweet times!

(Did you know that Donna wrote a book about her experience of falling in love with France and finding her house?  Look for it on Amazon and download it for a good read:  The Time and The Place : Turning Dreams to Duras in Southwest France, Donna K. Drago.)

Today holds two events : the flower market and Don’s arrival.


After a morning nap, tea, and a shower, I ventured out to find the little streets of our town filled with brocante, fleurs, and food.  



The skies threatened continually, and just before they opened up, I ordered a wonderful pizza from the local food truck. . . emmenthal, mushrooms, creme fraiche, and chicken.



Making a mad dash back to the house, which took me all of 90 seconds, I took cover while waiting for a return text from Donna.  In the market I discovered more prune dryers.  She mentioned wanting to get three of them for a headboard, and when I got the confirmation that she indeed wanted three, I returned, despite the rain, to procure the best ones available.  Total cost 9€!!!


Now safely inside, dry, drinking wine, eating pizza, I decided I’d just wait for Don to arrive.  Sure enough, I soon heard the clatter of suitcase wheels on the cobbles.


Unable to park the car by the door because vendors still blocked the streets, he found his way to the Clocktower.

After a meal of bits’n’pieces we decided it was time to climb into bed for some much needed sleep.


We’re resting up for Slow Travel, Weinberger style.  Tomorrow is Duras day.

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  1. Another great day of seek and find in France. I’m just plain jealous. I’m wondering what adventures you and Don will have. Take care and enjoy mes amies. J

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