That’s what we’ve been doing the past two days.  On Tuesday I returned to St. Emilion with Don.  First making a beeline to the wine museum to procure 4 bottles of the 2005 la Gaffeliere, trying unsuccessfully to have a case sent to the US, and scratching my head over this seemingly insurmountable problem.  But the day was sunny, the flowers blooming, and I knew there were brighter moments waiting for me.

Next ( after some drama about moving the car to the TOP of the hill) we returned to the BOTTOM of the hill for lunch.  How could you NOT return for the Maison Hamburger. . . Duck and foie gras!


A chat with the owner revealed that the wine we were drinking was from his own vines.  Happily, we’ll carry one bottle home to the U.S..  But again, no shipping to the USA. . . Way too difficult, they say.  Too many regulations.

A 2 pm tour through the largest underground church in Europe was fascinating yet yielded no photos.  forbidden, probably because the tourist organization wants you to buy postcards, according to our guide.  She congratulated on us being among the 10% of visitors who come to see this important UNESCO site.  The other 90% come to st. Emilion just for the wine.  

Venturing on through the winding, cobbled streets . . . .  

With ” la Gaffeliere” still in my mind, I was attracted to the crates AND the magnificent chandelier in this shop.  I felt like the girl who chooses a racehorse based on colors and the cute jockey, and indeed, this was a WIN for me.  I’ve met my new best friend, Vincent,  ( “Vin-sahn “) who yes, indeed can and will ship wine to the US!


Yep, that’s my order  he’s writing up, for a case we’ll share with the NC Weinbergers.  The tasting was superb and fun!


More on the 5S’s tomorrow. . . When we explore the Medoc region on the left bank.  So far, I’m a right bank girl, but I’m ready to experiment, learn, and practice, practice, practice the art of wine appreciation.   

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  1. How nice that you got to enjoy Saint Emilion in the sun! I’ve been there 4 times now and three of the times it was rainy and gray–still a fine place for eating and drinking no matter the forecast.
    Keep on sippin’!

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