Eymet and beyond


with a slow start on Thursday, I couldn’t help but walk a few steps to the boulangerie to discover what breakfast treats might await me.  I was not disappointed!

I resisted the urge to eat both!  But seriously, how can French women stay slim with all this buttery and flaky goodness going on!  I know, I know, they eat half and walk everywhere.  

We decided to head to Eymet and realized it was market day there.  Once again we browsed luscious displays of fish, vegetables, meat, and discovered a cheese we couldn’t resist!

We came away with a piece of mellow goodness.

A shop window caught my eye, and the words of my daughter-in-law resonated.  “I want you to come home with some French fashions,” she said as I left.  Yes, ma’am. . . Done!

The shop has been open only 3 weeks and was drawing quite a bit of attention.

After procuring cooked chicken and potatoes, and a few bits and pieces, we stopped for a coffee while the rain began.  Making a dash for the car, we passed by La Piede del Terre where Donna and I had lunch last week.  Once again The “plat du jour” for 9.90€ looked yummy so in we went.

Eymet itself is a wonderful medieval town with architecture of the period.this photo might make into my travel “hall of fame” which decorates our bedroom walls at 1270.



Today was our day for wandering, so we headed for Castillones, another sweet medieval village.  Alas,  it’s closed on Thursdays!  Seriously, there was not one person on the streets and not one shop open!  


 Onward then to Issigeac, the neighboring medieval village.  We were starting to fade and the weather was grey, but we found a light on outside an antiquities shop.  Amazing finds at amazing prices! 

   We chatted with Francois, the owner, and she told us that her son had a small shop in a neighboring village which she said we absolutely must explore, so off we went.  A near-crisis with an empty gas tank was averted and we arrived in. . . Well, I’ll save that bit of information for the next blog.  

(It’s now Friday morning and we’re sadly getting ready to leave Duras.  I can barely keep up with the relaxing, the adventure, and the writing, not to mention the wine-drinking!)

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