Carcassonne to Congenies


Friday was moving day FROM (too much wine. . ?misspelled on the previous blog!). We travelled across the south of France on the easy, but boring motorway.  We stopped about halfway at Carcassonne, a fairytale medieval walled town, much touristed, but charming nonetheless.

image image image

We started our journey with a picnic of bits and pieces leftover from a week’s worth of snacks, and found a grassy spot right beside our car.  Actually, this saved us a ton of time because we didn’t need to have lunch In the village, which we found amusing but just too filled with tourists and kids on school holidays.


During our remaining journey to CongeniesFriday, I read  aloud to Don the saga of Donna falling in love with France and her discovery of the Clocktower cottage in Duras.  Despite fatigue and the specter of a lost credit card (we thought we left it in the motorway toll booth but later found it under the car seat), we travelled onward.  Missing the exit TWICE because Don was listening to me read and not to Sophie, the GPS mistress, we soon found our way to Congenies and the Maison du Quakers.


our accommodations are like a youth hostel for grown-ups, and typically Quaker. . .simple and serviceable.  We have a room with a king-size bed and en suite bathroom.  We share all other living spaces. . .kitchen, living room, etc.

It was great to re-connect with our F/ friends Dave and Judy Kashoff who are the resident Friends here.  We ran into them at a solstice party last December in Doylestown.  We decided to go to dinner together and they suggested a small place in Aubais which turned out to be the most exquisite food I’ve eaten on this trip!


Sorry that I can’t get any other photos to upload at the moment.  But suffice to say that the ethereal mouthfuls of duck, cloud like tastes of perfect vegetables, and indescribable accompaniments of each dish were well appreciated at the end of a long day.  To me, it was French cooking at its finest!

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