A Day in Provence


OK, first of all, I’ve turned off the auto-correct on this iPad!  No more silliness, please!

Oh, sure, we left by 9 am as we’d planned.  NOT.  When the alarm went off at 7:45 it was pouring rain and i just pulled the covers over my head.  By 8:36 I was jumping into the shower!  

After a shared breakfast with Friends, we headed out the door around 10:30, enroute to Les Baux.  We learned about Carrieres de Lumieres, an extraordinary multimedia show which is among the most unique in the world.  Inside a former quarry, which we guessed to be about 50 feet high and dug into the side of the mountain, you are immersed in a sound and photographic ballet.  The first feature showcases the imaginations of Jules Verne. 

It’s nearly impossible to capture photos.  Images meld and morph, and all the while my senses were mesmerized as I beheld magic above me, below me, and on all sides of me.

When the next bit of grandeur began, I sensed my soul resonating with the  sounds and sights of the Italian masters, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael.  The images are projected onto the immense walls, pillars and floor of the Carrieres, accompanied by ethereal music.  Goosebumps.

  At some points the madonnas of the artists appear together, as if they were best girlfriends hanging out together.  With over 300 images from the Sistine Chapel, I felt as if I had a real up close and personal view of the faces, body structures, and garments of the paintings which I had previously only seen with feet on the ground and eyes straining upward.  
Truly, this was a marvel and so worth visiting.  

 We ventured into the town of Les Baux, another of the “most beautiful villages in France, ” and found it touristed, but so much more charming than Carcassonne, which was by no means shabby!!


 I guess I look pretty intense choosing biscuits at the biscuit shop.  It was important work!

 The environs of Les Baux. . . 

We had one more adventure of the day but my photos haven’t appeared on my iPad so are probably stuck somewhere in the rainclouds above, which have been quite busy these past few hours!  More tomorrow!!

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  1. The Provençal landscape is lovely–so different from my gentle, rolling hills near Duras.
    We opened an excellent wine from the Southern Rhone region last night–your blogs inspired us to revisit that area in our wine cellar. Chateauneuf-du-Pape is north of Avignon and makes the finest reds in the region–sweet town too!

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