After our trip to the market in Sommieres we decided to head north to Sauve.  Upon  arrival the town appeared blocked off yet nothing much was going on.  ( we later learned that this is the home of Robert Crum, creator of “Keep On Truckin’ “) Driving further north we passed by a gypsy camp. . .and I jumped out to quickly take a photo before they ate us for dinner. . .or stole our passports, money, and honor!!  JK!!

So we got to the town of Anduze, where Dave told us there was a steam train that went to St. jean du Gard.  Could we find the station??  No, of course not.  Down one-way cobbled streets the wrong way, flagging down locals to get us out of the maze, we nearly gave up.  but no, WE don’t give up, even though I threatened Don that from now on we’d go on bus trips and leave the planning to someone else!  Finally we found the depot.


Guess what. . .we were 15 minutes late and the final train had already left.  CRAP!  So we licked our wounds and walked through the public park which sported dozens of varieties of bamboo.  “the Bamboozelry” it’s called.  

Feeling dejected we headed back the way we came, but this is France and it was WINE to the rescue!  We passed a cooperative of wines from the Tornac so made a U-turn.  We laughingly agreed, “F### the train.  We’ll drink wine.”  I think that’s exactly what don is saying in this photo! 

We came away with two lovely bottles. . .a 100%vigonier without sulfites and a 100% Syrah which might come home with us unless we need it here.

The cooperative itself was quite lovely and included the “Gas pumps” where folks bring containers , stick in the pump, and “wine up.”

The evening ended with a walk in Congenies, a pizza party with some new friends also staying at the guest house,  and a determination to sleep and leave by 9 am on Sunday for another day of fun and adventures!

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  1. I too have found that improvisation often leads to the most interesting adventures in the most unexpected places. I have one rule… When in doubt turn LEFT. Traveling with you vicariously… Enjoy! 🇫🇷

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