Our new favorite food!


Saturday took us to market day at Sommieres, just 7 km from Congenies. Although it would have been fun to bike,  with rain threatening and the thought that we may explore further afield, we decided to drive.  We enjoyed all the familiar, typical French vendors, but this time we also found the pot-belly pig display with a woman imploring us for money to save the pigs.  I think it’s a scam, personally!

We purchased a few bits’N’ pieces for future meals, including some Asian kabobs, bread, a brioche loaf, a red tomato cheese, and a scarf I couldn’t resist.

As the rain started we spied a creperie on the banks of Le Vidourle, so we decided to give it a try.  We’d heard good things about it from Dave and Judy.  


Don enjoyed the crepe pictured above and I had the “crepe du moment ” Sagramor.  Tres, tres Bon!!!

And since today is already Sunday, I’m happy to report that we had crepes again today:

Mine was a Norwegian type with smoked sAlmon, creme fraiche, herbs, and Don’s was cheeses, tomato, herbs.  Both were delicious.   We were in Provence and my rose was terrific, too.  

While we’re on the subject of food, I guess I’ll just go ahead and tell you that later this afternoon as we were visiting another location ( which I’ll write about in the next blog) the sky looked threatening so we ducked into a bistrot for a cafe latte and a melange of desserts.  We are so full at this point (8:00 at night) that I don’t think we’ll bother with dinner.

We loved these small bites. . . Rice pudding (rice is grown in these parts of Provence), creme brûlée. A succulent strawberry atop a layered wafer, a lemon meringue mouthful, mango sorbet with raspberry cousins,  chocolate pots de creme, toasted marshmallows atop strawberry couples.  Yep.  this is dinner tonight!!

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  1. The pot belly pig thing is pretty strange. In Duras they were selling anise-flavored candy and saying that all proceeds from the sale would go to vaccinating the pigs. But the little tins of candy were 14€ and there was no way I wanted to contribute that much to pig shots. The pig people are always very aggressive too.

    I am enjoying your auto-corrected prose: “raspberry cousins” and “strawberry couples” are just so cute!

    Bonne soirée!

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