Château d’ Estoublon


Enroute  home from Les Baux we realized we’d pass by this chateau, which had all the makings of a nice finish to the day.

With a lovely chapel on the grounds, we commented how sweet it would be to have a small wedding there.  As we entered we heard celestial music playing.

A life-size nativity graced the back of the chapel.

 I’ve not been to many chateaux, but I don’t think it’s customary to have high-end boutiques and gourmet groceries available.  This one did.  And what a feast for the eyes!
     Don told me I simply had to go to the bathroom.  At first I balked but acquiesced.  Here’s the “foyer” leading to the WC:

And here are the basins in said WC:

 oh so French and elegant!  We finished the visit with the coffees and dessert I posted yesterday.  Very delicious yet a good reminder for us to not indulge in so much sugary goodness.  Our tummies were less than happy this morning!

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