Pont du Gard


Somewhere in my misty history class memories I remember hearing about the Pont du Gard.  Was it Mr. Weddell’s 7th grade ancient civilizations class or was as far back as Miss Longenecker’s 5th grade extra credit weekly challenge phrases?

Well, never mind.  Our hopes for kayaking beneath the Pont were swiftly rained out, so we had a lot of time to go through the DRY and extraordinary museum and cinema.

A 15-minute movie with no vocalisation introduced us to the history of this engineering wonder.  Through soaring birds-eye views and simple animation/simulation one could understand when and how the Pont was built, yet left to wonder how the heck the Romans figured it all out!

The museum itself is an artistic masterpiece (also DRY!!!!).  Perfectly lit to draws your attention to displays including films, re enactments, and 3D displays, we came away with knowledge about the place of water in Roman life and the many aqueducts they built throughout the world.

Finally, brollies up, out we went to walk the length of the Pont du Gard. 


Thank you, Miss Longenecker and Mr. Weddell!  

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