St. Quentin des Poteries


Just 5km north of Uzes is a small village I read about in a Lonely Planet guide.  Pottery artisans create their wares in small shops; I had no choice but to go exploring.  Don agreed!  

The streets charmingly sport a swath of tiles down the middle disguising the drainage system.

Sure, it was Monday and many shops were closed, but not all.  If this shop would have displayed those signs for shipping, I would have been in serious trouble ! 


But seeing as how I have to carry anything I buy, I limited myself to one smallish bowl.

Farther along in this shop I added two sweet tumblers.

 Really, as Telma knows, these sorts of places are my downfall.  It’s taking all my restraint to not throw a hissy fit to return there tomorrow instead of going to the Camargue to see salt, flamingoes  and bulls!!  

Oh, but I did make note of this: 

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  1. When we were in St. Quentin the ceramics museum had a great exhibit of chess sets, each made by a different ceramics artist in the village. Some of them were really incredible. You probably passed by the shop where I bought my ceramic guinea hens, which live in Jamestown.

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