The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly …..


… the South of France ON the Weinbergers. It started last night, continued through the night, and now at 7 pm it’s finally only drizzling.  As my friend Sally would say, ” it was PISSING down all day!”

But what to do when you’re traveling and days are planned?

You put up your brolly and go!  In addition to pouring rain, today was Monday.  Translation:  everything is closed.  In Nimes, the largest and best preserved Roman arena….drenched and closed. 


Other monuments: closed.  We headed for Les Halles, the famous food market:    

  open but at least half of the stalls shuttered and deserted.

I started to think about this being Monday and things being closed.  Could that apply to restaurants, too?  What would we do if we arrived home tired and hungry with no provisions?  After all, here we were in a supposed great food hall, so we made some quick decisions to procure dinner fixins. 


I loved this young butcher’s “work clothes” and his one shoulder apron.

Some asparagus and salad greens with a lovely tomato will round out our meal.

We’d had enough  of Nimes.  We generally don’t like towns in BOLD print on the map.  Today’s pissing rain made this one miserable!

Better moments are ahead, but now it’s time to make that dinner !

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  1. Rain never stops experienced travelers! Why were the shops closed?…always on Monday?…I noticed the sign above the young butchers head for a Fete de la Brandade…perhaps a nearby celebration….?

    You’re meal looks yummy.

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