Le Camargue 


The Camargue area of France lies at the mouth of the two branches of the Rhone where they dump water into the Mediterranean Sea.  The area is known for salt production, flamingoes, and Bulls.  Our goal was to see all three.

We stopped first at the medieval city of Aigues-Morte.  I found my first bull!


Aigues-Morte used to be on the coast and was an important fishing and salt mining commune.  That remains true today but it’s inland . The Baleine salt company mines much of the salt today. You can see the salt mountains from the back end of the Aigues-Morte rsmparts.

 As much as we like medieval towns, we felt finished with this one.  The tourist crowd was just too ….crowded.

We ventured farther south to Le Gru des Roi ( the groin of the king) right on the Mediterranean.  With tummies growling we ordered “moules frites”( mussel and French fries).  Take a guess how many were in each of our pots ! 

If you guessed 72-75 you were right!  

Checking in with the tourist bureau we learned that the road where we’d likely see flamingos was closed until May1.  No pink birds for us today !

Looking at the map we decided to go to Stes. Marie de la Mer.  Once there we hopped on an excursion boat which was loading right by our parking area.  Touristy, yes, but easy.

A ride up the Petit Rhone gave us a view of Camargue horses (brown when born, grey as adolescent s, white as adults) and Bulls ( lyre shaped horns which point to heaven as opposed to Spanish Bulls with horns that point outward..trained for the bloodless bull fights popular in the area).   

  More later!! 

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