How many times have we read the words “the prettiest village in .France” on this trip!  Oh, my goodness, there are so many of them and we’ve been inspired to plan future trips based upon that designation.

Anyhow, we traveled to the “corte” (Rocky heights), which was renamed Cordes-sur-Ciel in 1993 to indicate its height above the clouds over the low-lying areas of the valley.

I’ll tell my tale a bit out of order because we actually went to the town on Thursday, and I haven’t yet reported on the well-above-average B& B in Cordes.  Next blog. . . 

Cordes, as it’s called locally, can be reached on foot if 1) you’re a mountain goat, 2) you’re unaware of the height, or 3) you’re the chaperones for a bunch of middle schoolers who themselves were huffing and puffing upwards as we descended downward, begging us to tell them that they were almost there!!   We paid the 6€ for two and took the little tourist train to the top.  It was quite possibly the best money we’ve spent recently!

The town is absolutely charming and filled with first-rate artisans.  No T-shirt shops or cheap souvenirs from China.  We browsed potters, jewelers, gourmet local foods, handmade clothes and shoes, glassware, and more. A local museum showcased wares from each of the local artisans.  We had time to visit only a few.


A few views of the ancient town. . . 



 The view over the surrounding valley is peaceful and serene, which reflects how we’ve been feeling these past few days.  Acres and acres of lush green fields and woodlands abound, and when we’ve been driving we often find a radio station of classical music to add to our mellow mood.  I guess the only thing that could make the drive even better would be to drink wine, but I think that’s frowned upon!



Of course, it was lunch time in Cordes, and our b& B host had suggested a restaurant.  We wanted to be sure we were going to the right place, so stopped in a shop to ask directions.  This guy was a riot.  He said, ” I’m going to tell you where the crap and sheety restaurants are.  You know what I mean by sheet?”  He then proceded to draw us a map with the “sheety” restaurants and then put a big X over the ones that were sheety! He agreed that the advice we had been given was indeed the best choice in town. 

     We shared two main dishes. .tagliatelle with foie gras and a salad with bits of tasty duck.  We regret that we did not try the aperitif which seemed to be a local specialty but we didnt realize that until after we finished.  

Our time in this magical little village was much too short.  We’ve added it to a growing list for “next time.”

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  1. Wow! Looks like my kind of town! Love the clock tower! It’s only an hour from Toulouse. Maybe next time I fly in or out of Toulouse I will stop there for a visit.

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