“Goodbye, Farewell, Au Revoir, and Goodnight. . .”



It was another day of rain-slicked streets and hair- frizzing mist all day.  We browsed the wonderful shops, walking past structures built in the 1700’s.  Our “local”cathedral is St. Seurin, where we left some of Nana Weinberger’s ashes under a rose bush and lit a candle with a prayer for restored health for my brother Chuck.


 Once again we had not made a very early  start, so before we knew it, the lunch hour was upon us.  The rain started in earnest  and we chose the Café Opéra in the Grand Theater for a very enjoyable respite of 2 hours.   


By 3 pm we actually decided to head home and figure out our packing situation.  Honestly, we were just tired.  I’ve been away from home for over 3 weeks and Don for 2 weeks.  He’s been hauling our butts all over France in our cute little FIAT 500.  We needed some down time.
BTW, our accommodations are a great Air BnB find.

What the photo doesn’t show is a galley kitchen and a clever storage unit.  Wait, I’ll take a photo right now.

Behind each door are all necessary kitchen accoutrements.

Anyhow, we re-packed and re-charged our individual batteries, Don with a nap and me with a cuppa tea and blog-writing.  The rain and mist continued, but we ventured out with umbrellas and a desire to see Bordeaux at night.

The misters by the river gave an eerie feeling to an already grey evening.  We waited until 9:30 for the lights to come on illuminating the Palace.


Farewell to a truly beautiful and memorable city and country. We’ll drink your wine and eat your canelés, and we’ll carry your memories in our hearts!

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