Le Canelés


I’m obsessed.  I first tasted these little morsels with Donna in the market at St. Foy.  From that moment to this, the texture and taste has lingered in my memory.   


At the local boulangerie  I tasted the best one ever. . . Crisp and carmelized (not charcoaled) on the outside, moist and not too sweet on the inside.  I dreamed of making these to serve with a morning cappucino, an afternoon glass of wine or tea, or as a special dessert.  I read at least 10 recipes online.  I started to feel like Julie in the movie ” Julie and Julia.”  Yes, I would master these, and according to my online research, even the mistakes can be edible.

I debated the merits of copper versus silicone molds.   I checked Amazon for prices.   I discussed the merits of each type of mold with the lady at the local boulangerie.  I asked where to buy copper molds. She drew us a map.

We discovered canelé heaven, complete with my all-time favorite bear.  Yes, I’d come to the right place. 


 Now it was time to commit.  Would I actually make use of the  investment in copper molds?  And if so, what size. . . Petite, medium, or large?  It only took Don to say, “Well, when we have  dinner parties there are usually six of us,” and the die was cast.  Or was it,” the mold was set”!?

Six large molds are tucked safely in my suitcase.  I reasoned, too, that large molds would be easier to work with initially, although I suspect the three-day  process of batter-preparing will yield more than 6 canelés.  Perhaps I’ll get a petite silicone mold from Amazon after all for the overflow.

Watch out, kitchen of 1270.  Do I have a surprise for you!


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