A Little Game We Play


Usually near the end of a trip we play the Alphabet Game.  I can’t remember if we played this with Ben and Marty when they were boys or if this is an invention of our trying to fix in our memories the highlights of our travels.  We take turns naming an event, place, or memory of the trip.  We used to compete and keep score.  Now it takes two of us to simply get through the alphabet.  You might say it’s taken us all these years to learn to cooperate!

Here are our ABC’s of France, with a nod to Istanbul:

A–Aubais. . .a town that made our mouths happy at a restaurant called Matje.


C–Congenies, Canelés, (La) Couvertoirade



F–Ferry (Bac du Sauvage)

G–Gaillac (wine region yet to be visited but wine tasted)

H–Haut Tropchaud 2010–Linda’s favorite

I–Issegiac (bastide town with an amazing antiquities shop)

J–Jean Saulas (street with free parking in Bordeaux)

K–Kebabs (eaten in Istanbul at 10 pm)

L–(Chateau des) Laudes–where we inadvertently crashed a private wine tour

M–Millau Bridge


O–Oeuf (egg dishes consumed)

P–Pont du Gard/Puits (la Maison du)

Q–Quissac/Maison du Quaker/ St. Quentin

R–Rue St. Luce (street of our Bordeaux apartment)

S–Stephane (Medoc wine guide)

T–Theodorit (Uzes cathedral)


V–Vincent (St. Emilion wine guy)

W–Monogram rarely found in France

X–indicator of plural on the end of chateauX

Y–Yves St. Laurent

Z–as in E-Z. . .how easy it was to deal with Turkish Airlines


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