Air BnB


So on this journey, all but one of our accommodations I booked through Air BnB.  I like to put my money into the hands of individuals, rather than corporations.

This first one in Paris is a gem.  We met Veronique and Phillippe promptly at 3 pm and they gave us the code to 1) the street gate, 2) the apartment door, and 3) the key to the actual door.  We’re feeling very secure.  

And what a sweet place it is!

We’ve got a quiet courtyard and we’re on rue Chemin Vert which specializes in the wholesale trade for women’s garments.  I asked about buying a great white, blowsy thing today but you must buy 6–2 of each size!  

As Veronique was leaving she mentioned that they were going to Nice….where they own 7 more apartments!  Oh, yeah, we’ll be visiting Nice!  

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  1. Glad u are feeling better. You should have warned the French not to mess with Don! So glad you will get to Nice! Hopefully their market place will be open. It will also be your opportunity to go topless on the beach. Bon chance and take care! 🇫🇷 I’m green with envy!

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