Grey Skies. . .then sun!


This travel adventure almost wasn’t.  I came down with a severe stomach virus last week, and as I lay in bed (when I wasn’t in the bathroom), I wondered if there was a greater message going on here that we needed to be bound to our house.  But the goddesses of balance prevailed, and as we were enroute to the Philly airport, the stomach pain began to lessen, and I was thankful for the Hope of good health.

A beautifully uneventful and seemingly short flight left us at CDG early this morning.  I had reserved a shuttle through Viator, and either due to Monday morning traffic or parades to celebrate Labor Day (May 1), it took our driver nearly 2 hours to deliver us to our Air BnB.  But

no problem. . .we couldn’t get in until 3 pm so we did the Parisian thing, we went to a cafe.  SItting in The sun sipping mint tea and eating a piece if bread, I felt my travel vibe returning.  This “felt” right.

Don mentioned that this street seemed like a nice, quiet, safe one and proceeded to find a bancomat.  Alas, he didn’t return for some time and when he did he reported that he had been accosted at the ATM  by a guy who butt in front of him, hoping to snatch €.  But Don being Don, he was savvy and smart, yelled, pushed the guy away, and returned to me with €€s in hand.  We walked onto the Place du Bastille, so here he is looking victorious.   ( and those of you who know Don will know that this will become a “story, ” free of all embellishments!!!)





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