Lunch at Eiffel’s Place


Today dawned sunny but cool, and glad we were because I’d booked lunch for us at the Eiffel Tower.  

We hopped on the number 69 bus right across the street from our place, and for €2 each we were given the grand tour with stops at many major sites.  It was a whole lot cheaper than the Hop On- Hop Off bus.  No narration, you say?  You forget that DON is on this trip and strikes up random conversations .  He learned a lot about the youth culture in France from an Irish bloke living here!

So up into Mr. Eiffel’s tower we went and were treated to a window seat with a lunchtime view of the Seine !

I’d booked a tour of Notre Dame with Paris Muse ( so we got back on the 69 bus in what turned out to be a longer trip than we’d imagined.  PARIS TRAFFIC is worse than NY, Boston, and can rival India, only the French are way too polite to indulge in that kind of cacaphony!  But we arrived in time to meet Claudia who spent the next 1.5 hours teaching, explaining, and engaging us in learning about the exterior and interior of this magnificent edifice, the stories, legends, architecture, stonework, as well as facts. Did you know that at one time the statues of the kings on the outside were all beheaded or that there’s evidence that all exterior figures were painted!  We know where the heads ended up! I am highly recommending the guides from Paris Muse!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Because we were close we went to St. Chappelle to see its magnificent stained glass.  The entire rose window and 7 other massive windows were disassembled, cleaned, protected, and reinstalled in 2015.  Stunningly beautiful!

A sit-down for an aperitif, a walk to find a much-touted Trip Advisor  bistrot (we agreed we can’t do much touting of this oneπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž), a walk, another bus 69 ride, and a late-night misadventure of getting lost when we got off the bus rounded out the day.   I’m ready for bed!

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