Slow Paris


We’ve all heard of slow food and slow travel.  We practiced being slow tourists today.  We didn’t even open our eyes until after 8:30 am, and started out from our apt after 10 am with a “kinda” plan in mind. 

First was a trip to Musee d’Orsay, a magnificent former train station still sporting huge clocks to keep travellers on time.  

But now the museum houses the largest collection of Impressionistic paintings in the world, hundreds of additional works including sculpture, furniture, artifacts, and currently a Rousseau exhibit. We looked, sat, admired, ate ( at one of three eateries inside), walked, marveled.

One of Toulouse -Lautrec’s works, a collaboration with Tiffany, caught my eye.  Her opera glasses are just like mine!

And we discovered the FIRST SELFIE EVER!

She and her sistahs were just foolin’ around!

Having seen perhaps 1/3 of the museum we decided to save the rest for “next time” and venture across the rue to the Tuilleries.  With a cloudless sky, we did what we never do:  WE SAT!  

When we were done sitting we did the second thing we never do: WE RELAXED !

We walked and looked at the Louvre from all angles and said, “Next time …”

We walked to look at the huge Ferris wheel, briefly thought about coming back tonight to go on it and see Paris at night, came home, had an aperitif with cheese before dinner and guess what!!

Will we be heading out for dinner or was the cheese and wine IT ?  

All part of our Slow Paris day!

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