Exhaling at Giverny


May 5:  a bank holiday in France.  Hey, these people know how to live!  They just had Labor Day on Sunday!  

Lucky I booked us an all-day excursion to GivERny ( pronunciation) and Versailles because most of Paris was closed.  Our cab got us to the meeting place an hour early since there was literally not one car on the road at 7 am.  So we did the French thing–

An hour after boarding the bus and learning about the life of Claude Monet, we arrived in his village to visit his water garden, flower garden, and home.  He considered his gardens his biggest masterpiece, even more than his paintings.  

I could gush profusely about the beauty of the gardens, but it’s more important for me to say that I felt myself exhale deeply and wish that I could just sit and BE in all that serenity.

He and his second wife lived in a house he built which was quite large, but they did have 8 kids so I guess they needed the space!  Get a look at these copper pots in the kitchen and the kitchen table big enough to sit that brood!  The yellow cupboards remind me of the one I have in my soggiorno delle donne!  

Really, the house was lovely and I would be very happy to live in such a place surrounded by gardens tended by 10 gardeners!!

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