So I think I’m really understanding the WHY of the French Revolution.  One look at the sumptuousness of the Palace at Versailles in sharp contrast to the presumed poverty of the time and well, I’d be ready to revolt, too.  

The palace once was a hunting lodge for royalty and it was a 3-day journey from Paris.  Henry XIV decided to enlarge it and over 40 years it grew from  40 rooms to 2000 so he could keep a close eye on political friends and foes who lived there in palatial digs.

Honestly, today it was jammed with people, and I felt a bit like I was one of the hoard plundering through to gawk at Royal splendor.  It was all a bit under-whelming.

But then there was the magnificent Hall of Mirrors.  And my favorite chandelier which was a bit different style from the rest.  The crystal is produced in France near the Austrian border.

The gardens were manicured yet on closer look seemed a bit tattered.  Perhaps it was just too sharp a contrast from the softness of Monet’s gardens.  The water in the fountains danced while music of the time of Henry XIV played.  The sun shone brightly on this golden palace, and we felt happy to be there!

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