Slower Travel


“It can’t be!  Something must be wrong with my phone!  This NEVER happens,” I thought when I woke up today.  My clock said 10:08 !  Yep, we slept over 12 hours in this little slice of heaven.  So it’s taken us nearly a week to be rested and rejuvenated.  Mission accomplished!

To further advance our relaxation we decided to simply poke around the area today, taking the suggestions of Caroline, owner of Le Petit Lapin.  Off to hike and explore beaches.  

First up—Pointe du Grouin, a northernmost jut of beautiful rocky land surrounded by turquoise sea.

As we walked along paths high above the sea, we marveled at the rock formations and chasms.  After a few hours we were ready to move on.

Beach 1–Anse de Guesclin which has an island just to the east where the French poetLeo Ferre lived in the 1960’s.  A friendly rock provided a perfect table for our al fresco lunch. There were tons of families enjoying the sun and sand.  But no surf–no waves.

After eating our fill we jumped back in the Citroen to find….

Beach 2–the Dunes de Roz Ven. Those more literate than me will know that this was the home of French writer Colette lived between 1911 and 1926.  The beach is wide and beautiful. Again, lots of families, kids, games, and laughter.

Since we were just 10 minutes from St. Malo  we decided to explore, thinking we’d find some sweet little bayside spot for a glass of wine.  WRONG.  We waited 20 minutes to get into a parking lot, walked into the walled town…..and walked out 20 minutes later.  JAMMED with holiday-makers.  Not for us!!

Our best spot for a glass of wine was the apple orchard and lounge chairs at Le Petit Lapin.  

We didn’t hear any American  accents today.  We did just what the French did today —enjoy life, wonderful weather, and spectacular natural surroundings.  

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