Two Battle Sites


This morning we decided to head to Bayeux to view the famous tapestry.  It’s another one of those things I’d learned about somewhere along the line and with an interest in needlework I had to see it.

Unique in the world, this work from the 11th century is considered one of the world’s first comic strips. The embroidery depicts more than 600 characters, 200 horses, 40 ships, and hundreds of animals and mythological creatures.  It’s over 900 years old and depicts the tale of England in 1066 and the conquest by William, Duke of Normandy.  It’s 70 meters long, most likely made to span the aisles and nave of the cathedral in Bayeux, yet probably created in England.

The museum itself is very well laid out with the tapestry displayed and audio guides timed to keep you moving along in single file.  Next is an exhibit of historical displays, then a movie, and finally, the gift shop.  

So despite oaths of allegiance, treasonous acts, bravery and determination, lives were lost, mothers saddened, children fatherless.  War sucks. 

After an uninspired lunch and a browse through the cathedral we tried to find the Normandy museum, to no avail.  Back in the car we found it and decided that what we really wanted to visit was Omaha Beach.  Off we went.

First, the beach itself….

And then we made our way to the American cemetery with its memorials and now-lovely park. Amongst the crosses were interspersed the Star of David.  

The number of dead was astounding and I felt a lump in my throat for those young boys and their mothers back home .  War sucks. 

So from William the Conqueror to Omaha Beach, it was a day of learning about and honoring parts of history who define us as individuals and as a greater human culture.  I still say, War Sucks.

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