An Amazing Property


A quick word about the amazing property and even more amazing owner, Caroline, with whom we stayed in Sains, Bretagne.  

The former barn and pigsty was in deplorable condition 15 years ago, but Caroline saw through the muck, hay, and, enticed with a lot of land for a good price, and a barn with good bones, she bought it.  She gave us a tour of her home and I didn’t take interior photos.  After all, it’s personal, but let me just say there is a Grande salon with massive fireplace and a wall of bookshelves where tractors used to live.  Four bathrooms, four or more bedrooms, a secret passageway which delights grandkids, and staunch wooden beams comprise the interior. 

Now take a look at the exterior:

Caroline owns the L-shaped field which she rents to a local farmer.

The hedges are impermeable and were planted just a few years ago.

We traded stories on her terrace last night, then realized we had too many stories to tell so we went to dinner together.  Merci, Caroline , for sharing your home and stories!

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