A Forever Memory


I got to do something today that after 46 years together is difficult to do:  I totally and completely surprised Don and provided us with enough WOW moments to last a very long time! 

Through Loire Valley Time Travel I booked a day tour with Simon, Susan, and Claudette, their 1956 Citroen Traction Avant.  Don was agog as we walked down the street in Tours and said, “Wow, look at that car,” and before he knew what was happening we were all walking that way, getting in, and off we went.

He said his face hurt from smiling!😀

We toured through villages and back roads, all the while Don and Simon talking “car talk.”  We arrived at Loches, bustling today on market day.

But, oh, Loches is so much more than a quintessential French village with a great market, cobbled streets, boutiques, and fortifications. For it was here that Joan of Arc met with Charles VII and persuaded him to stand strong against the English. Loches was the home and now burial place of the beautiful Agnes Sorel, mistress of Charles VII. 

Loches boasts Fulk/Folque/Folk who was a rich guy who wanted to be sure he’d get into heaven so built abbeys, monasteries, and castles.  He also made 4 pilgrimages to Jerusalem.  

Short version of a longer story–on one trip Fulk was denied entrance to the holy sepulcher unless he peed on it. “Hmmm,” he thought. ” I’m not so sure about that.”  He got a goat’s bladder, filled it with white wine and fake peed on the sepulcher. He realized the wine turned the stone soft, so he fell on his knees to “kiss” the stone but instead, took a bite of the stone and hid it in his cheek. When he returned to France he sold it as a holy relic and financed more buildings.

Loches had so much to offer we could have spent the entire day there listening to Susan’s stories.  Oh, one thing in Liches of which there are only two in all of France is a tronc.  It’s a trunk of a tree into which you may tap three nails ( symbolizing the Trinity), pay your Euro, and say a prayer.  We’re taking no chances. !!

Another “only” in Loche is the oldest stone-built fortification in France.

Lunch was next o our agenda and I’m sorry not to have photos of the sweet village of Chedigny, filled with wisteria and roses just starting to bloom.  But we got caught in a cloudburst, ducked into a restaurant headed for a Michelin star, licked our plates clean, and found our way back to Claudette.

We were off to Chenonceau.

To be continued…..

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