Le Mans


Just in case we didn’t get enough classic car gazing yesterday, today we headed for Le Mans, home of the 24 hour race.  First things first, we found our Airbnb accommodation after picking up a rental car ( more on that mistake later).  

As you may have seen in the headline news for this trip, The Daily Don, we’re staying in a treehouse!  Yep, the Studio in the Trees is the perfect description for this funky, upcycled domicile.

Richard and Marie, former and current hippies,  have created an amazing enchanted little house, cozy and just big enough for two.  Let me show you a few crazy inventions:

Bedside table lamp, formerly a motorcycle headlight.

Soup ladle clothes hook.

Bicycle axle TP holder.

And look at these fanciful garden critters!

And these garden gates:

Richard and Marie also provided us with everything we’ll need for breakfast tomorrow morning, including a big jar of their homemade honey and jam from their garden berries.  (And what if I told you the cost of this spot is under $50.)

So after settling in, we drove our white Opel to the Musee des 24 heures.

I’ll just show a few of the many cars we saw:

One of Don’s faves, the Ferrari Dino.

My fave, a 1938 Rosengart.

There was lots to see and wonder, Why?

After chatting with staff there we decided to drive part of the route.

So, OK, done that and now it was time to explore the old part of town, Le cite Plantagenet.

To be continued….

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