Chartres continued


After the terrific tour of the cathedral, we window-shopped and were well-behaved by not buying anything!  Oh, but what beautiful chocolates, linens, and interesting pottery. At this point we’re getting a bit weary and decided to find the wine bar. We had two choices and we definitely chose  the right one! Franz, The owner, is passionate about wine. Every week he features five wines so we asked if he could set up a tasting for us with all five. Since we were the only people there he was very happy to oblige. 

As he poured each wine he told us about the grape and showed us in a book where the wines came from. He also was very familiar with the Vivino app when I took photos of the labels! 

Of course we needed some charcuterie to fully enjoy what we thought was going to be just an appetizer before we found someplace else for dinner. But lo and behold Don saw a familiar face coming in the door. It was Gaël, the guy who’s place we had gone to for lunch. He and his partner Lionel were coming there also some wine and charcuterie.

 So as things progressed, the four of us began chatting more and more, discussing places in the US, travels in other parts of the world, wine, food, etc. etc. We became instant friends!

At some point, Don and I ordered another round of charcuterie and cheese and realized that this WAS our dinner. We talked long  into the evening and before we knew it it was nearly 10 PM and time for the start of the nightly sound and light show throughout Chartres.  We said our farewells, exchanged addresses, phone numbers and emails, and promised to visit each other’s homes at some point. We also learned a bit of a local gossip and that is that Gaël and Franz will join forces in the next few weeks and Franz will move his wine business to Gaël’s location. Gaël will be doing the lunches and Franz will be doing the wine business in the evening.  When we told our hostess Carol that bit of information, it was news to her!

Now, about that light and music show. The city Chartres  has nightly illuminations from April through October. There are about 20 locations throughout the town that are illuminated. We saw probably the main one at the West Portal of the cathedral. Take a look at some of the photos I was able to snap, even though I was gaga over the whole performance and could barely take my eyes off the moving lights!

It was really spectacular.

All too soon it was time to say farewell to Chartres. In planning this trip, I had tried to figure out a way to stay in Chartres for two nights, but it seemed difficult to piece together how to get from there to the airport for our flight on Sunday morning. I now realize that it would have been possible, so that’s just good information for another time.

Carol served a lovely breakfast in the amazing top floor of her B&B.

At the train station we were surprised to see lots of families packed up for overnight camping trips for the weekend. Let me tell you, the weather is only in the mid 50s here and we saw shorts on people from eight years to 80 years old! We commented that we could barely even imagine American families with backpacks on their backs and kids as young as eight or 10 carrying their own sleeping bags, bed rolls, and supplies.

So it’s farewell to Chartres this time but I would like to think that we could come back and enjoy this lovely city at some future time.

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