Paris, The Last Stop


We’re back in Paris for our final few hours.  I found our accommodation onAirbnb, and it’s just a few hundred meters from Gare du Montparnasse.  A small grocery is nearby as are about 50 restaurants of every ethnicity. The Air France bus to CDG is a 5 minute walk (for those who have two good ankles!🙁)

Once again, I think I hit the jackpot.  This place is as big as most apartments and has a full-size, complete kitchen, living room, eating area, large bath, and king size bed.  I wouldn’t hesitate to call this place home on a subsequent trip.

My turned ankle is a nuisance but didn’t keep us from our plan, which was to visit Montparnasse and Sacre Coeur.

I’ll tell you, it was sunny ( finally) but COLD!!!  Next time we travel in May I’m taking heavier clothes! 

But never mind.  Sacre Cour has a beautiful interior but after Chartres, how can anything compare?

We did the tourist thing, bought those warm toffee peanuts, bought a Heineken ( doesn’t everyone sell beer on the steps of a church?!) and sat there overlooking Paris.  We listened to a guitar player and watched this stunt man show off on a light post.

Telma, we passed  a Kiehl’s store and I went in to pick up a few travel sizes.  I’m in love with these products!!

With a sore ankle we opted for the funicular, which for the price of a metro ticket you get a 60 second ride!

But it’s better than walking all those steps–with a sprained ankle !!

Time for some sleep before our travel day tomorrow.🛌🛌

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