Adventures in Flying


Don’t make a fuss on a flight or you risk getting booted off!  As we boarded our Austrian Airlines flight to Vienna, a passenger behind us was disgruntled because he didn’t get the window seat he said he requested and paid for (?).  He followed the flight attendants up the aisle, must have been aggressive, because before you knew it, he was being told that the authorities had been called and he would not be able to take the flight! He loudly objected, but shortly after, he and his wife left.  The captain and attendant were clear– ” No flight for you!”   Game over!

With about 2 hours remaining in our flight, a woman a few rows ahead was taken unconscious to the back of the plane.  When we landed, paramedics were there immediately, she had revived, and we gave no idea what was going on.  Scary, but it seems her game was NOT over.

Austria–what an intro!!

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