Vienna Day 2


It seems like we
are making a habit of it. Once again, just as a few weeks ago when we went toBrittany, we slept extraordinarily long. After yesterday’s very exciting and long day, I had a hard time sleeping so around 3 AM I took two extra strength Tylenol. I fell back to sleep an hour later, and this morning I woke up at 11:11!!! Our friends Mike and Marty Dows were due to join us here at just about the time! I bolted out of bed, woke up Don, and we quickly took showers and got dressed. Just at that moment we heard the wheels of their suitcases rolling to our front door!

Mike and Marty were arriving from a week in Switzerland, and before that a bike and barge trip from Amsterdam to Bruges. So after some chatting and catching up we threw dirty clothes in the washer, and went back to the Naschmarkt  to graze for lunch.

Mike and I lived beside each other in Lebanon, so we took a photo to post on our high school Facebook page.

next on our agenda was a trip to Hapsburg  palace to view the treasures of Franz Josef and Empress Sisi.  I must say, the display was very impressive and if I had to choose between Hapsburg palace and Versailles in France I would choose Hapsburg to spend a few hours. The treasures were unending and beautifully displayed.

The napkins are folded in a specific design, the directions of which are a closely guarded secret!

Don’t expect this when you come to our house for dinner next time!

We saw a small group sweet young princesses and one prince touring the imperial apartments perhaps as part of a birthday party or special event.

How would you like to heat your room with one of these massive porcelain furnaces? We saw them in nearly every room in the  Imperial apartments and this was probably one of the largest.

The Hapsburg  Royal crest was woven into the sheer curtains on every floor-to-ceiling window.

Who doesn’t love a beautifully and elegantly set table! This one was just scrumptious, and after I took this photo the guard called  to me and actually yelled at me that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures!  Sorry!

So after feasting our eyes on the treasures of the Imperial family, and learning about the tragic life empress Sisi, it was time for a little respite of our own.

Browsing through the old town Vienna, revisiting churches with Mike and Marty seeing them for the first time, looking at all the high-end goods for sale, well we really worked up an appetite. And what better dish to have in Vienna than Wienerschnitzel.

Figlmuller is one of the best-known and most respected places in Vienna for Wienerschnitzel. We ordered only two servings and split it four ways, and we all left very satisfied.

We ended our time in the old town with dessert at Meinel café, then headed home to reconnoiter and get ready to join our tour of eastern Europe tomorrow.

This is what reconnoitering looks like for a bunch of travelers whose clothes got washed but the advertised washer/dryer didn’t dry!!

Oh, and tomorrow I’ll write about “the demise of Don’s Phone.”  

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  1. Such fun in traveling! Those slightly damp clothes will dry completely on your HOT bodies while touring! enjoy….

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