Vienna, Sunday, June 19


To me, you must seek out the iconic images of a place.  Prater Park in Vienna is one of those.  So was it a park with trees, benches, and a well-known Ferris wheel?  

Well, no.  It was an amusement park filled with rides we’d never have in the US.  After all, we’re a litigious society! 

Mike and Marty tried this daredevil swing which tossed riders upside down, threw them from stem to stern, with the end result of them getting a ride in an Austrian ambulance.

😤🤕GOT YOUR ATTENTION, HUH!!  😆😆 (false!) we stood watching rides in amazement knowing they’d never pass US standards!

But we did all have fun posing in these faces.  Note that another friend, Marge, has joined us.

Another iconic place we wanted to frequent was Demel, a famous pastry shop and chocolaterie in Vienna, Austria. It was founded in 1786 on the Michaelerplatz. In 1857, August Dehne gave the company to Christof Demel, who moved the bakery to the Kohlmarkt, where the Demel is still located today in its original building. The company, once a purveyor to the Imperial and Royal court of Austria-Hungary, was headed by the Demels until 1972, when Udo Proksch bought the company. 

They are the originator of the Sacher torte, which Mike and I tried.  

Of course, the place itself is beautiful with chandeliers, portraits, lavish woodwork, and tiled floors.

The torte and lattes were superb–above average!!

And here’s where they make them:

And here are the finished products.  We hear they’re all dumped at 7:01 pm every night, the biggest tragedy in Vienna.

Then it was off to the Opera, and we were just in time for the last English tour of the day.  Here’s our guide:

The opera house seats 2700 people, including standing room, with prices from €3-€300+, and they’re sold out nightly from October to July.

The Emperor’s room, which adjoins the central box, can be rented for €500 and  for weddings and events.

The Opera is lovely, historic, and I’d love to see an opera there  !

We’ve now moved to the Vienna Hikton to join our Insight Tour of Eastern Europe!

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  1. You were certainly getting a taste of the regal Austrian empire! I hope you get to waltz in one of the crystal chandelier ballrooms.… Always a dream of mine. I was lucky enough to do that at the Schoenbrunn palace in Vienna. Find a place and waltz the night away! Enjoy and auf wiedersehen.

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