Szechenyi Baths


Our guide Erika today told us that even though Hungary comprises a very small chunk of real estate in Eastern Europe, the saying is that God blessed the land with riches in the form of thermal springs. 

Budapest has a long history of thermal baths, including the Szechenyi Spa Baths, the first hot spring bath palace on the Pest side of Budapest. In 2013 Szechenyi Baths turned 100 years old. 

This evening I took myself there.  Just me.  By foot.  Up the long boulevard. Across the war memorial. Through the park.

I will admit that I didn’t take any of these photos and they’re skimmed from others.  I left my phone in the hotel at the suggestion of the concierge.

The evening was cool and glorious.  I enjoyed both pools, one with 30C water and one with 37C.

This center structure was sort of a big centrifuge with strong jets that just floated you around counter clockwise.  There were also fountains and jets to work out those neck and back knots.

Szechenyi is known as the largest medicinal baths in Europe.  The indoor baths, which were closed tonight, look beautiful and healthful.  A full array of body treatments are available, too.

I took myself back to the hotel via metro.  Navigated the ticket kiosk. Got the metro going the correct direction.  Bought myself some street food.  Just me.  

Next time:  a full day.  With friends.

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